Spay and Neuter

Animals over 7 years of age are required to have bloodwork prior to surgery unless okayed by the doctor


spay only: $55

Spay package includes rabies, fvcrp, single deworming:


neuter only: $45

Neuter package includes rabies, fvcrp, single deworming:


Dogs  under 40 lbs:  $85  under 50 lbs:    $75
 40 to 70lbs:  $100  50 to 99 lbs:     $100
 71 to 100 lbs:  $140  100 to 150 lbs:  $150
 over 100 lbs:  $220 over 150 lbs:     $200

The above prices include a brief exam (feral and fractious animals will receive a look over only),
anesthesia, surgery, and pain medicine on the day of the procedure.
Dog prices include pain medicine to go home. PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE E-COLLAR. All neuters over 6 months are recommended to go home with an e-collar. E-collar cost is $10

Surgical Services

 Feline Leg Amputation


 Canine Leg Amputation (under 35 lbs)


 Canine Leg Amputation (over 35 lbs, depending on size and difficulty)


 Feline Tail Amputation


 Canine Tail Amputation (under 35 lbs)


 Canine Tail Amputation (over 35 lbs)


 Adult Canine Dewclaw Amputation (detached only)

 $125 per toe

 Toe Amputation (includes attached dewclaws)


 Feline Ear Hematoma Repair


 Canine Ear Hematoma Repair (quilting)


 Cystotomy, cat (includes stone analysis)


 Cystotomy, dog (includes stone analysis)


 Feline Enucleation


 Canine Enucleation


 Feline Entropion:

      One eye                                            $95

      Both eyes                                          $155

 Canine Entropion:

      One eye                                            $175

      Both eyes                                          $285

 Esophageal Feeding Tube Placement


 Exploratory, cat


 Exploratory, dog


(+$200 if resection and anastomosis needed in the case of intestinal involvement or damage)

 Foreign body removal, cat


 Foreign body removal, dog


 Mass Removal:

 *For masses please call to schedule a mass consult tor receive an accurate price*

  $125-1000 depending on size, difficulty, biopsy, and location

 Inguinal Hernia Repair


 Nasal Fold Resection


 Feline Perineal Urethrostomy


 Feline Pyometra


 Canine Pyometra (under 35 lbs)


 Canine Pyometra (over 35 lbs)


 Feline Splenectomy


 Canine Splenectomy


 Feline Thyroidectomy


 Vulvoplasty (vaginal fold resection)


 Wound/laceration repair:

$125- $500 depending on size and difficulty

 Ventral Bulla Osteotomy (cats only)


*Prices vary based on location. Please call to confirm pricing. Masses require a mass consult  prior to surgery or the morning of surgery*

The prices above include the surgical procedure, IV fluids, and medications as needed. Depending on the surgical procedure a overnight stay may be necessary if deemed by the veterinarian. Please note that we do not have 24 hour hospital staffing in which critical animals may need to be referred to a 24 hour facility for continued care.

Charges that are not included in the pricing above would be pre-op blood work which is usually $50 if needed and biopsy which is $125 for one site if needed.

Animals over 7 years of age are required to have pre-op blood work

Dentistry Services:

 Level 1 Feline Dental; cleaning only

 Level 1 Canine Dental; cleaning only  $225

 Level 2 Feline Dental; cleaning and simple to moderate extractions


 Level 2 Canine Dental; cleaning and simple to moderate  extractions


 Level 3 Feline Dental; severe periodontal disease with multiple difficult extractions

 Level 3 Canine Dental; severe periodontal disease with multiple difficult extractions  $395
Level 4-5 Feline Dental, severe periodontal disease requiring almost/all teeth be extracted depending on difficulty and severity  $400-  $500

*Animals over 7 years of age require blood work prior to surgery*

The dentistry prices above include antibiotics, pain medications and IV fluids if needed.

Spay Now Grasonville still participates in low-cost wellness appointments. Spay Now Laurel has discontinued their wellness appointments and only offers tech appointments.

Tech Appointments:

 Microchipping with a Lifetime Registration  $40
 Canine Heartworm, Lyme, and Erhlichia Test $33
 FeLV/FIV Feline Combo Test



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